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  Go To Press TV is a full service production company providing original news packages and entertainment content for all forms of television programming and web broadcasting. Recent projects developed for Atlantic Records, MTV, Speed Channel, Style Network, ESPN2, History Channel, VH1, Spike TV,,, CTV and TLC.
Our services cover all aspects of pre and post production, from concept development to broadcast delivery across all mediums. We develop cutting-edge, media rich content for the corporate and broadcast markets worldwide.
Samples include published GoToPress TV material including magazine style shows, news packages, events coverage, and commercials.
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Destination Hot Spots -
Infotainment style show on sexy travel attractions and activities.  
Cage Fighting -
Extreme sports show series featuring UFC superstars and Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat.
AC Turned On -
A a magazine style show featuring the latest and greatest in Atlantic City.
Beyond Backstage -
Original content for cable network including 16 episodes in reality show format featuring a variety of rock stars.
Xtreme Philly -
Magazine style show on adventure driven activities in the Philadelphia area.
Makeover Madness -
Teaser for Makeover Madness episode featuring Headquarters Salon, Staten Island, NY
Headquarters Commercial -
Commercial for Headquarters Salon
Don Rosen Imports -
More Porsches, More Love. 
Hot Cars -
Three part segment on local car show. 
Monster Mania -
Monster truck extravaganza. 
Tour Highlights -
Highlights of videos produced in reality show format featuring a variety of rock stars on tour, stage, the red carpet and more. 
NJ Flower Show -
Expo style event including home and garden show. 
  We offer equipment, audio and lighting packages for all budgets including a full rage of shooting formats.(HD & SD)

Our expert staff includes producers, camera crews, script writers, studio/set designers, location/props managers, correspondents, stylists, sound/video technicians, non-linear editors, graphic designers and project managers. We work closely with our clients and staff to deliver compelling, high quality productions that entertain, inform and influence the target audience.

Our in house marketing team offers a range of services including pre-production idea development, logo creation, still photography, print production and media management.

Our media team specializes in collaborating with clients to provide the best in service, experience, talent and creativity. They have commercial, corporate, network news, episodic and reality television credits.
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